Ugly Parts

We all have parts that, we do not want others to see. We would like for those parts to disappear, or remain hidden.

One of the things, I despise are my feet. Throughout the year my feet stay hidden, because its an ugly part of me, that I struggle to embrace. Sometimes, in hiding I neglect to see the beauty of my feet, and take for granted that all my toes are present. While my feet may look worn, torn, and pudgy that polish makes them look somewhat better.

I have come to recognize that it is just as important to take care of that which is hidden, as it is to take care of what is obviously seen.  Hopefully you too can begin to see the beauty, that can be made even with the ugly parts of you!

Some of us are hiding in plain sight deceived by a false sense of freedom. True freedom vanquishes shame. True freedom does not thrive on acceptance and validation. True freedom only comes, when we dispel lies and embrace truth.

“True growth begins when we courageously face the ugly parts of our lives, and begin to see the beauty that can be.” 

The biggest fallacy is  to live in a sea of unawareness in a place of denial and self-deceit. Ugly parts hide in the shadows of secrecy. Ugly parts remind us of our human frailties. Ugly parts show us our need for faith in our lives, for grace, and for love that covers us with the sole purpose of saving us rather than humiliating us.

It’s the ugly parts that remind us of our need for salvation, redemption, and eternal rescue. There is no weakness in believing or having faith, the weakness, or debauchery is being too blind to recognize that there are ugly parts of you that God wants to beautify too.

D. Harris,

Author, Writer, & Speaker


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