The glared reflection from the windows of my soul is reflective of his ambience and goodness

There was a bounty on my head, and a reward for my destruction

I was forsaken because of the indulgence of forbidden fruit

The axe was ready to strike me down, the rope was broken, and the veil of separation ripped apart

Restoration of a sweet fellowship with the father in the cool of the day

My bond was paid without bargain or plea

An offer of hope, new life, and eternal sanctity a liberated exchange

I am immersed in his grace saturated by his love

Rescued by his sacrificial blood

I am immersed by the humanity of the divine

He rescued me with no plea or bargain

He paid for my offense, disregard for his ways, and evil dissent

I am immersed forever secured in his arms

His grace is such a wonderous phenomena

Immersed to reverently worship at his feet

Embracing the faith journey which is filled with wonders and unveiled splendors

I am immersed and in awe of his great love for all of humanity,

Confounded by his great love, I remain immersed

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