New Heart

New beginnings are exciting and every new day can be filled with good intentions. It is important to set goals, to dream, imagine, create, and envision better for your life.

“The essential component needed for change, is a changed heart.”

Change begins on the inside. If our heart remains the same, often times we continue to perpetuate the same repetitive cycles and patterns. I do not know about you, but the superficial no longer interests me. The roller coaster of life, can be overwhelmingly daunting.

There are areas in my life, that need to be served an eviction notice. These areas hinder growth and progress, and no longer can be afforded the fine luxury of residence.

So my prayer is simple, and direct, Lord let change resonate deep within my heart! Help me to be intentional about growth this year, especially in the areas that continue to seem to be ongoing nuisances in my life. I welcome the uncommon, embrace the unordinary, and excitedly anticipate unexpected experiences, and uninhabited beauties that await me in life.

Birth a new heart in me, so that true transformation can take place in my life. Allow me heart to beat afresh a symphony of peace, a melody of vibrant love, forgiveness, and allow the rhythm to be so contagious that it ignites, touches, and intoxicates those around me.

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