Past Be Gone

So often we allow our story to handicap us, and prevent us from grasping hold of a joyful life

Today we must break the bad news to the past! We must announce that the relationship we once had is no longer working and it is time for us to go our separate ways

Dear PAST….

Instead of building a bridge you have set up roadblocks, to prevent me from enjoying lives’ journey

Instead of clear vision, you have caused blurriness of sight

Instead of hope you have painted a grim picture of despair to prevent me from embracing brighter hope

You’ve tried to stop me from dreaming by causing me to wallow in regret, shame, and guilt

Today I am writing you a bill of divorce!

We are officially done and it is over…

There will be no more late night rendezvous with you


The only time people will know your name is when, I share my story of victory and triumphant over you

The only time people will know about you is when, I share with them how my pain led me to promise, and how promise led me to purpose to encourage them to also say goodbye to you

Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to cordially pay our respects to the journey of past tense, and to celebrate today our future present tense

As our PAST BE GONE, we will move forward with a newfound vigor for life and all it holds

We will no longer hide in the shades of shame, but we will rejoice that we have survived, triumphed, and overcame!

We will rejoice that we are still ALIVE, and we are living MIRACLES in the present of our past experiences.

We look for to new things

we look forward with fresh sight

We look forward leaning not on the arm of the flesh, but the might of God’s Right hand. 

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