Command Your Fear

Years ago on my way to a bible study, I was robbed at gunpoint. It was the time I actually came face to face with the ugly reality of fear. Fear has always being present, lurking around corners reminding us of our limitations and frailties. Reminding us of potential shipwreck and failure. Fear is often subtle, it starts within our self-esteem and lives with the companions of doubt and disbelief.

When fear threatened my life it became more evident and real to me. I had the assurance that if my death was imminent I would make it into to heaven. I recognized that God had spared my life for reasons, I could not even fathom. Maybe it was to share my story of survival.

The days and months following the robbery proved to be challenging. It was hard for me to get into my car without being paranoid. Once I called the police, with a half-baked description of the perpetrator whom I described as, “a black male with an afro.” They entertained my call, but it was impossible to distinguish anyone with that description.

Everyday I depended on my faith.

“Our faith must be more powerful than the fear that we face.”

It’s easy to sit in a pew and sing songs and to be oblivious to the actual attacks on your faith. For me it fear became so evident and real it almost stopped me from functioning. It was hard to get in and out of my vehicle in broad daylight although the robbery occurred at night.

See fear does not strike us at our lowest points, it is also present even in our high points.

How do we fight fear?

“You have to draw strength from your faith.” 

I repeated a scripture numerous times a day, anytime I begin to be paralyzed by fear and afraid. This scripture was my anchor:

“You have not given me the spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).” There was no time to grab a physical bible, it had to be written and already hidden in my heart.

So many people live in fear. So many people are afraid to love again, to dream because of past disappointments. So many people are afraid of failure and some are even afraid of success.

“Fear is real, but so is faith. Faith is stronger than fear.” 

After a while, and I can’t give you an exact date or time but fear begin to lose its hold on me.

The book I am writing entitled, “Ghost Powers” is a children’s book about commanding your fear. The concept is as follows:

“The more you feed fear it grows, but if you starve fear by exercising your faith it will dissipate.”

You are not powerless! You have the ability to command your fear by facing it head-on.

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