Sweet Lemonade

AsĀ  I gazed in a daze out the window I begin to imagine people in different scenarios

There were people walking down the sidewalk snickering and holding hands

Some people were riding bikes, throwing frisbees, and flying kites

Others were playing and diving in mountains of snow

Even in a rainstorm, there were people jumping in puddles and dancing in the rain

I thought to myself what JOY is found in making the most of even the cold and wet days

I pondered and considered the loss of wasting a perfectly good latte on a somber look and poor attitude

I thought, how awesome is the privilege of choice, to be able to change our lens at anytime

We can allow the lemons of life to make us sour, or we can take the lemons and mix them with sugar and water into a sweet lemonade

The choice is ours

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