Are you hiding in the shadows? Are you putting on a persona so that others will accept you, while robbing yourself of authenticity? Have you forgotten who you are, or lost your self in an effort to blend in and be accepted?

It is freeing to know yourself, to embrace your history, and how it has shaped you. When did we begin to be so uncomfortable or insecure in our own skin? Be yourself! Society has caused us to place limits on ourselves by categorizing, labeling, and limiting us by gender and social class.

I used to want to change my personality, because I thought my wiring was faulty, and I prayed diligently for it to change. Instead, I’ve found that my wiring has being uniquely designed and while it has being refined over time, it is the true essence of who I am. It is torture to feel uncomfortable in your own skin! It is so important that we begin to love the beautiful and broken pieces that have shaped us and fashioned us into who we are, and who we will be.

When we limit our affirmation and validation to the opinions of others, it causes us to be stifled, boxed-in, and it robs us of confidently being our best selves. I’ve discovered that being hyper-critical and relying too heavily on the validation of others can be unhealthy for my self-esteem. I continue to develop and personally grow it is important for me to unmask the different perceptions that cause me to be insecure, or to feel inadequate robbing me of walking in the confidence that God has called me to walk in.


There is such freedom in letting go of all of the expectations that others have put on you, and that you have placed on yourself.

There is such freedom, in learning how to lean into your strengths and harness the gifts that God has placed on the inside of you.

It is time for us to stop hiding from ourselves, and embrace our different contributions to the world. It is time for us to take the lessons, the triumphant, the defeats, the scars, and wear them as a badge of honor because it is those things that have caused us to grow, to evolve, and shaped us. Our history, our culture, life, and experiences do not wholly define us, but it provides the basis for us to harness our strength and use that strength to empower others.

How are you defining yourself? How do you see yourself? How are you using what you’ve experienced to empower someone else? ¬†When we become truly unmasked we realize that the journey is not a selfish one, it’s a collective journey of discovery and enlightenment.

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