Still Human

I think we sometimes forget that we are still human.

We still feel love, we still feel hurt, and we still feel upset! There are disagreements and misunderstandings. There are personality conflicts.

Sometimes we neglect to show empathy, compassion, grace, and mercy when the same has been extended to us.

Having an apathetic attitude to an offense you may have committed often reflects a lack of humility, self-righteousness, and control.

We should not live in a state of offense, but we must recognize that offense does happen. A lot of times we hold ourselves to unreasonable standards, unrealistic view points, and have an unhealthy obsession with perfection.

We should not strive for perfection but seek to grow more in maturity.

Sometimes we have to express understanding even in disagreement. Taking the high road means sometimes saying you are sorry, even if you think you’ve done nothing wrong. It means hearing without jumping to conclusions. Being able to understand different points of views, yet still maintain a right stance for Godly truth.

I’ve being guilty of this myself at times!

We must learn how to give and display more love to stomp out division, promote unity, and draw others by showing forth the love of Christ.

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