Do Something!

Have you ever found yourself frustrated and overwhelmed with all the changes you need to make?

What if the frustration you feel on the job or with your weight, is so you can make the necessary steps to change?

Maybe the feedback that you are struggling to receive, is just the motivation you need to become better. I can attest that change is not always easy, but without it we remain in a state of stagnation. It’s time to do something, anything, rather than nothing.

Even subtle changes, can be hard to digest, especially if we’ve gotten used to our old ways of doing things. It’s never easy, but we either make a decision to stay where we are or forge ahead. I think the difficulty in change, is expecting metamorphosis overnight.

“Change will come, but it begins with one step, then the next step, then another step and so on.”

Just Do Something different! This is what resonated with me today, while try to wrap my mind around the idea of upgrading my wardrobe. It may seem minisculeĀ in nature, but I actually felt anxious and like it was too difficult as I tried to determine what to buy to look more modern and contemporary versus outdated and frumpy.

It dawned on me, that all I had to do was get started. One piece at a time, and one new outfit at a time. So I want to challenge you to just Do Something different from what you’ve done the day before. One decision. One Choice. One move at a time.

Do something and don’t worry about trying to do everything all at once.




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