Inspired Life

The only life worth living for me is a life that inspires others. I am not talking about just making people feel good, but giving them a sense of hope and empowerment to overcome obstacles, and live from a place of victory.

See I know all to well what a defeated life looks like. I know all to well what a depressed life looks like. I know what broken is. I know what it’s like to be uncomfortable in my own skin.

We must not allow our stories to keep us in a place of bondage.

We must learn to use our story as a launching pad for others, to know that it is possible for the tides to turn in their life.

This is my honest prayer, Lord help me to live from a place of victory and not victimization. Allow me to pull others out of the fire, and help them to live with a newfound and deeply embedded sense of purpose. Lord help me to relay a message of hope and triumphant from an authentic place of joy.

Much of my ministry is about helping others get free and reigniting hearts back to Christ. The more I walk in Faith, the clearer God’s plan becomes in my life. When the question arises about where I am going, who I want to be, or why I was birthed in this earth? My response is to Live An Inspired Life.

I want to live from a place of light, and hopefully that light can resonate to bring others out of dark places in their life. I know what it’s like to struggle, and no one know what is going on behind the scenes.

The more we expose our secret demons, the more freedom we experience in our lives.

When I think about the goodness, mercy, and grace shown to me I am amazed. I stand in awe of the grace that has enhanced my life, that I did not deserve or earn. I am amazed by love that pursued me even in a wayward estate.

You are never to far gone, that God can not reach you.

I’ve overcome because of his unfailing love and grace. I love to inspire, because I’ve been inspired. Now for me the only life worth living is a life that serves to inspire, encourage, equip, and empower others. This is my passion.

I’ve struggled with pain, abuse, forgiveness, depression, pornography, low self-esteem, insecurity, poverty and so much more; and through everything and even now God remains the common denominator in my life.

My rock, my source, my strength, my help, my refugee, my peace, my comforter, deliverer, and my everything. I live with hope. Everything I’ve encountered it is to be shared to encourage and inspire.

There is not better life for me than a life that inspires.

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