Our society and world is so fascinated with perfection and being flawless, that we show very little mercy and forgiveness to ourselves or others. It is even hard for us to take responsibility for causing the problems in our own lives.

Many times we blame, deflect, and avoid dealing with the messes that we ourselves created. The truth is we all have made messes at one time or another.

When we make messes, bad career decisions, bad relationship choices, and poor judgments it is hard to admit that we missed the mark. The great thing about messes, is that it opens up opportunity for rebounds.

Forgiveness is a gift that God gives us in exchange for our mess. 

While the clean-up process may be long and tedious; it is necessary for our growth and development. Our messes can be used as a message!

Let’s not wallow in self-pity or defeat, but use our mess to be a monument of hope and victory. There is hope and redemption even after the messes in our life.  God knows how to make a miracle out of the scrapes in our lives.

My life was a mess and there are still some messy and unattractive areas, yet God is shaping and molding me as I seek to become his masterpiece. Give God the mess in your life, and watch him make your life into something marvelous and magnificent.

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