Have you ever being upset or angry with someone? Just to discover it was without merit or cause. Maybe you were justified in your anger, and wanted restitution, revenge, or vindication.

Sometimes a perceived offense or hurt can hold us captive, and in a place of anger for far too long.

Oftentimes we are so blinded by the other person’s atrocities that we exclude the part that we played. Most offenses are not isolated, and some offenses are based on our past hurts or insecurities.

We waste a lot of time wishing ill-will onto others to our own demise. Sadly the destruction we seek for others comes back to us.

The reality is too much time and energy is spent seeking vindication. We don’t have to get even, hold grudges, or seek restitution because God is our vindicator. Seeking to argue and prove your side is pointless.

Let people dig their own holes, don’t dig holes for them. Just work on keeping your heart clean, from all the things that seek to harden you, and prevent you from truly embracing God’s love.

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