One of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself is, Who Am I Becoming?.

As we journey through life, we look for validation and notoriety in things and sources that often leave us empty and disappointed.

What I have come to realize, the more and more I walk with Jesus, is that true validation must come from walking with him in every season of life. God validates us and calls us into to service.

Each day I am learning to be more confident in who he has crafted and designed me to be, which is huge for me! I spent many years living for the approval of people, to discover that it will never be enough. Sometimes we seek to please people, who are miserable and unhappy with themselves; and because they can not give us the validation we need it leaves us unfulfilled.

God is constantly seeking to make us whole, as we surrender our brokenness to him. Only he has the cure for a broken heart, or for the deep embedded hurt that no one else can physically grasp or see.

I’ve lived in obscurity feeling misunderstood on the outskirts of popularity Yet, even in obscurity Christ called me unto himself, because his plans for me exceed anything I’ve ever planned or imagined for myself. As he begins to expose my insecurities, I lean into him even the more.

This journey of faith, I’ve discovered is not about destinations and arrivals, as much as it is about our becoming. It is about us becoming who he has always created us to be. The journey is about recognizing God’s hand even in the little miniscule things. It is about being more like him in all facets of life.

Are we becoming a reflection of his love, compassion, mercy, self-control, and fiery outrage for injustice, and ungodliness? Who are we becoming? What are we becoming? Where is our becoming leading us? Will are becoming lead us to the cross or away from the cross? Where will stand?

Becoming is a journey that requires raw honesty and the stripping away from things that keep us from drawing closer to who Christ is called us to be. Becoming requires surrender of who we think we ought to be, to be what Christ bled and died for us to be. Becoming is about discovering, that Christ is truly the answer we need for all of lives mysterious.

The question remains, What are you becoming? Who are you becoming? Where is your becoming leading you?

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