What If…

What if the struggle is really not the struggle at all?

What if what you consider an obstacle really is an opportunity for you to rise to the occasion?

What if the struggle is just preparation for the breakthrough?

What if the only reason for the struggle is to reveal to you, what was in your heart all along?

What if, it’s not about you but about sharing your story to help give others the courage they need to overcome?

So often we are consumed with the problems in our own life, that we can not see that others are without hope around us.

I remember a year and a half ago, when my youngest son was in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for jaundice which turned into a scary situation. The doctors presented to us to worst case scenarios, and advised that he may need a blood transfusion because his numbers were not going down. The doctors told us, that jaundice if left untreated and unchecked could lead to brain damage.

We were told that our baby, only a day old may need a blood transfusion. Then we were transferred to another hospital who could perform the transfusion if necessary. Once we got to the other hospital the baby’s heart rate accelerated and would not come down. We had to make a decision to authorize electric shock because the high heart rate was compressing his heart and could start affecting other organs, and it was scary.

We held to faith in the midst of our struggle. There was a struggle between holding onto faith, or listening to the noise of those who held only to science and doubt. In the middle of our situation, we cried,¬†¬†prayed, and sung songs to help us get through a period of uncertainty. We had friends and family praying for us during this tumultuous and emotional time of uncertainty. The baby’s numbers came down, and his liver begin to function and produce more red blood cells. There was no blood transfusion. Seven days later, our baby came home, with no more jaundice, and during a follow-up visit weeks later there was no signs of any more issues with his heart.

The situation taught me to ask for help, to work through negative emotions, and the importance of having a well to draw from. What do you have to draw from? All the time spent feeding, building, and nurturing our faith with prayer and the word of God sprung up as a well of hope in the time of struggle.

It also taught me that the struggle was not about me, more so as it was about my response within the struggle. We brought our baby home seven days later, and I was so convicted after praying, because a question was posed “Did you pray for the other babies in the NICU?” I had not prayed for any of the other babies although they were in worst condition then our baby. You see the struggle was not just about us, it was about using our faith not ony to pray for ourselves but pray for those facing similar or worst struggles.

What if… your struggle is just to get you to understand the struggle of others?

What if…it’s not just about you overcoming but it’s about you helping others overcome?

What if…the struggle is about getting self out-of-the-way, so we can have a compassionate heart for humanity and use our faith to pull someone else out of a low place? What if…the struggle is more about getting out the way, and allowing more of God’s light to illuminate the darkest of spaces?

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