We are living in a day where feelings, possessions, power, position, prestige and pleasure rule our lives; not realizing that untamed desires become a ravishing fire, uncontrolled, leaving only destruction in its wake. It is so important that we do not fall into the terrible trap of allowing our desires to control our lives. It’s okay to have a desire, but it is even more important to exercise self-control and truly understand how what we desire can pull us further away or closer towards Christ.

Proverbs 19:2 tells us:

“Desire without knowledge is not good-how much more will hasty feet miss the way?”

We must understand that God puts desires in our heart, but without the proper information to filter through desire can lead us down a dark road of guilt, shame, and regret. So I caution you with this statement below:

“Be careful what you allow to feed your desire, because it can create an insatiable appetite for things that are designed to hold and keep you in bondage.”

Desire can be a good thing, when we understand that God has given it to us, not just for our own pleasure but to show forth his goodness in our lives so that it can bring hope to others.

For years my husband and I tried for a child, and we did not produce. The desire for a child became so strong that it literally took the joy out of our marriage. We began to blame each other for not being able to conceive.

Our desire for a child became so consuming, that it was sucking the life out of us. Sometimes our desire for things causes us to resent the journey in pursuit of the things that we are hoping for.

In the process we were becoming disconnected, and I became angry with God, and I started to think I was being punished. We obtained fertility treatment and yet still no conception. I felt worthless as a woman and wife, and thought my husband would be better off with someone else. My desire for a child consumed me.

Instead of resting in the promises of God, I was trying to make it happen in my own strength and ability, and it was weighing me down to the point of depression. I was in a desperate place, and sometimes being in a desperate place can lead you to do desperate and foolish things. Thankful, God sent me help, and because of a man of God, a word was sent to set me free. When I submitted my desires back to God and trusted him it was then that we conceived.

If you have a desire, I encourage you to give it to God, and stop trying to fill the desire yourself.

Stop trying to fill the void yourself, because the void will just become bigger, and you will begin to feel a greater sense of emptiness and want. The moment we decided to trust God, and ended fertility treatment, and rested in the peace of knowing that God would fulfil his promise, we begin to have joy in our marriage again, and in the wait for our desire we resolved to enjoy the journey, and then a year later we conceived.


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