Sometimes I speak more than I listen, and understand more than is perceived

Sometimes there is a war raging instead of peace

Sometimes it seems easier to rebel rather than submit to rules or order

Sometimes my words are jumbled, tangled and spent

Sometimes rather than stand still I would rather move without logic or reason

Sometimes I perceive that people pretending to be friends are sheep in wolves clothes with tarnished skin

Sometimes I wonder about the majesty of the stars

Sometimes I struggle to receive your matchless love and grace

Sometimes I am in utter awe of how you craftily rescued me with truth that loosed the grip of  deceit

Sometimes I wonder why me? Hateful and undeserving!

Still yet in wonderment you set me free

 I am captivated by your love for humanity, the entire fallen man who rejected communion with you in the cool of the day 

Yet your grace was still present to redeem man from the fall, and purchase our debt paid in full by untainted blood

Your love is unfailing, and your grace continues to abound even the more in our walk of faith

The difficulties I face sometimes is not enough to draw me away, or prevent me from being made whole from your embrace

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