Excerpt From: The Lies She Believed, Chapter 1: Hidden Scars

My E-book is coming out soon, entitled “The Lies She Believed.” It’s a creative account of my journey from brokenness to healing.

Check out the excerpt below and let me know your thoughts:

She longed for something more than merely just existing
She was marred, but she longed to be made whole
She believed that men would only see true beauty beneath her thighs
She struggled between the two realities of perversion and purity
Drowning in anger she was determined to fight against the tides
She refused to be just another label, notch, statistic, or victim
So she attempted to appease people by gaining their approval
She isolated herself from the crowds
She hid within herself
She held everyone at arm lengths, in fear of disappointment
She swore never to be a victim
She was oblivious to the fact, that she was building her own inner prison
On the outside she presented a hard exterior, as a ploy to mask her shame

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