She Became…

She resided in a place of inadequacy minimizing her own potential

she became confident, when she realized her worth

She realized that her worth was not defined  by her experiences

She realized her worth was not defined by the opinions of others

She discovered that her worth came from knowing the purpose for which she was created

She discovered that to grasp worth, her self perception had to change

She became liberated to live with passion, to walk in purpose, and soar to new heights

She became what she believed, when she embraced destinies divine order

Excerpt from the book entitled, “The Lies She Believed” scheduled for release May 14, 2018.

What lies have you believed about your potential, that have held you back? Has your self-perception affected your confidence? If so, begin to work on your mind, and watch your confidence come back to life!

If this inspired you, please comment.


Author, D. Harris

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