Dear Mom…

Dear Mom,

Today I looked for you

You were nowhere to be found

I could not reach you, by text or by phone

I knocked on your door, but you were gone

I wanted so much, to see your face

I wanted you to know, I understand 

I wanted to wrap my arms around you

I wanted to hold you close

I wanted you to know, and feel the touch of my hand 

I looked for you

Although alive, you remain lost

I pray hard for you, that you would find hope, tranquility, and peace again

I looked for you, and was frightened seeing the terror you are up against

I looked for you, in hope of reconciliation 

I looked for you, in an effort to bridge the gap, and restore the maternal bond

I looked for you and discovered you were surrounded by ravishing wolves 

I looked for you

I discovered you, lost in addiction 

I hope that you will find your way back home

I pray that you would begin to discover afresh the joys of life

I looked for you especially today, to say thank you for all the sacrifices done

I looked for you

I cried just thinking about all the things you’ve done

I looked for you to show you honor, and respect

You elevated the best parts of me, and you sacrificed, so I could have a chance at a better life

You were not perfect, but what you gave was priceless!

You denied yourself, of certain dreams and ambitions just to give me/us a fighting chance 

I looked for you

To say thank you for everything!

To say thank you, and express my love and gratitude

Dear Mom, I miss you

I hope you will find your way, back home and into my life again


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