When I consider these two words that God gave Moses, when he asked who should I say sent me to deliver Israel from Pharaoh, and the Lord replied “I AM.” Moses recognized he was sent on an assignment. Moses recognized that he could not complete the task, perform the task, in his own strength. Moses recognized he was not the great deliverer, it was the great  I AM.

“We can only accomplish purpose when we recognize, that it is not our own strength that saves or equips us”

Here is an anthem to salute the great I AM, Christ the savior, the living One:

I AM because of Christ

I AM able to give birth to life, from the lips of my mouth

I AM able to create because the creator, of all creation lives within

I AM able to call forth peace, and still the raging storms wind, because Christ the controller of all elements has extended to me power and dominion

I AM able to stand in his presence, because his love washed all my filthy stains away

I AM undeserving yet his love lifts, his love purifies, his love validates, his love forgives, his love extends an abundance of grace

I AM a vessel of light

I AM commissioned by Christ

I AM royal and adopted by birthright

I AM able to live in the present, because my past he forgives, and cast in a sea of forgetfulness

I AM on assignment to help restore the lost and the broken

I AM ambassador of his eternal kingdom, of hope, and restoration 

I AM because Christ healed, my broken mind

I AM because you resurrected my life, and caused me to be born again

I AM of royal descent 

I AM an Heir of your promises

I AM  he who once was lost

I AM a reflection of your handiwork

I AM apart of your body fitly joined together

I AM as one crying out in the wilderness

I AM a soul breathed, fashioned out of dust

I AM because through confession you saved me

Because of a living Christ, I AM

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