Lost Girl

Sometimes I reminisce, about the girl I used to be

Sometimes I mourn the loss of singleness

Sometimes I yearn to be slim, and trim again

Sometimes I yearn to be young, dumb, and carefree

Sometimes I want to be without all the responsbility

Just to be naive and oblivious 

Just to be unaware of my own brokenness

Just to have the chance, to do somethings over again

To be innocent full of vanity, a lost girl

Then, I realize all the lessons I would have never learned

I realize that the lost girl,  had to find her footing in the world

The lost girl, needed to discover the power of her voice

The lost girl, was found, and freed to tell her story 

The lost girl, could not remain hidden forever

The lost girl, was hidden behind her pain

The found woman discovered, that exposed wounds foster healing

Lost girl has now matured, to an evolving woman who is becoming

It has not being revealed as to what colors her wings will be

Like a cocooned butterfly, metamorphosis takes place

She is hidden away in a funnel of transformation

She will at a set time emerge from disguise

She continues to transcend time

She realizes, she had to be lost, to be found


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