Death By Image

I really contemplated whether to write this blog or not. But, it is needful that I share and encourage someone who is in a fragile place. I want to encourage you to value your life, to take courage, and seek help. Don’t suffer in silence.

I saw the news this morning, and the news spokesperson stated that, “Kate Spade’s family was not shocked by the outcome of her tragic ending, and they also mentioned that she did not want to check into a clinic in fear of the public’s perception“–A success now laced by a black cloud of suicide.

It really is a sad reality we live in! People are more concerned about upholding an image or persona than seeking help. We live in a day where self-care has been placed on the back-burner. Especially when it concerns taking care of our mental state. So many thoughts infiltrate our minds, pollute our self-view, creating a toxic emotional environment.

“Toxic emotions are a breeding ground for anxiety, depression, and despair. If left unattended or unaddressed toxic emotions lay waste to a tragic demise.”

The mind is a phenomenon, but it can also be volatile and fragile. It is important for us to take care of our minds. Our minds are constantly being bombarded with the facets of life, and it needs to be continuously transformed and renewed.

“Don’t allow the pride of maintaining an image, cause you to forfeit the joy of life.” 

It is so important that we seek the help we need, to be mentally healthy, to be our best self, and live full lives.


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