True Freedom

Freedom is not cheap!

Truth costs many their lives.

Freedom does not guarantee us a life without trouble, but it liberates the soul. Freedom is bigger than any one group or person.

Knowing the truth of God, brings real freedom, because it builds in us hope, and eternal assurance that justice will reign supreme and prevail over all unjust agendas and political propaganda.

Liberty and freedom are two different things. Liberty to some may appear as freedom because it grants rights. However having the liberty to do something, does necessarily mean you should, and it does not necessary guarantee freedom.

We obtain true liberty only through Christ because his law is good, perfect, and without reproach and it does not give us a false illusion of freedom. True freedom is sacrifice, selflessness, and surrender.

If your liberty causes others to pay a cost or penalty then it is self-serving for the purposes of vindication; which does not cultivate freedom but bondage, punishment, and division.

Our freedom through Christ grants us peace that surpasses are current and future circumstance. The freedom we find in Christ does not leave any residue of guilt or stain. Freedom in Christ covers us with love, and allows us without remorse or apprehension to come into his presence to be made whole.

Christ renews the mind and refreshes our soul. Only through Christ do we come to know true freedom.

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