When The Music stops…

Have you ever attended a great party?

When I was young my friends and I often frequented clubs on the weekend. We would spend hours and days shopping for the perfect outfit and hours getting our hair and makeup together. The preparation was so time consuming.

When we arrived at the party, we had to stand in line. We would wear cute shoes, that accentuated our attire but slowly murdered our feet. We’d dance to our favorite songs. By the end of the night we looked disshuffled. Our hair we spent hours on, would be out of place and all sweated out. Our cloths lost its brand new smell, and reeked of alchohol and cigarette smoke. We would rave about the time we had.

Afterwhile, we begun to question whether or not a good time was worth its weight. After the music stopped, we begin to realize that a good time wore off too quickly, and what we really desired was a deeper sense of belonging and purpose.

We were trying to discover our place, and where we fit in. There is nothing wrong with having fun! I think that most often we allow fun to be substitute or a distraction to the true longing within our souls. See afterwhile the club become a resource to pass the time. It became something we did out of routine or habit.

When the music stops playing, we come back to these questions?

Why am I here?

What is the meaning of life?

What is my purpose?

A good time eventually runs out, but purpose continues because it fills our life with meaning and substance.

Purpose causes us to continue to dance even when the music stops.

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