Nothing Is Wasted

I’ve felt cheated at times by life, and wanted to feel sorry for myself
I have even mourned over some of that me that I lost–growing up too fast–I mourned the girl I never knew or never will be. See I’ve always kinda went through life at the beat of my own drum, not quite fitting in anywhere, often being misunderstood by those who never really took the time to know me.

Yet not one day of my breath has been wasted, whatever I thought I lost it has been found in Jesus. He birthed a fight down on the inside of me. I use to fight people by now I realize my fight with people was misplaced.

I realized that the biggest war is the one on the inside of me. The biggest war is the war waged against my mind trying to threaten my peace, to stump out my hope, to cause me to denounce my faith.

The biggest war is the war within that rages against truth rejecting it as an enemy when in fact it is liberty’s key. It’s when I turn to Jesus that the storm within becomes still, it’s in that stillness I find footing again and sweet assurance. He causes me to remember that validation and affirmation can only be found in him.

There is not turning back for me, Jesus is the only way for me. My heart is locked in, my feet are planted in his word, my mind is turned towards him. I consider it Worth it, and Gain to follow him. #SoldOutForJesus

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