Protect Your Peace

After an emotional encounter with a loved one last week, I found myself emotionally drained, and I made a decision to distance myself from the toxicity and limit our interactions. When people want to revert their misery onto you, because they are miserable in their condition, it is unwise to allow them complete access to your space.

“When people are unable to appreciate your presence in their life, it is time to limit their access into your space.” 

I want to encourage you to “Protect Your Peace.”

“Don’t allow things to live in your space, that serve to disrupt your peace and pollute your spirit.”

If people can not respect your family, respect your values, respect your journey it is time to re-evaluate the importance of the relationship. Sometimes enough is enough! We have to sometimes serve notice on the dysfunction in our family, that has caused us to remain emotionally imprisoned.

We can not allow dysfunction, manipulation, and control to rule over our emotions. The guilt-trips that people use as a manipulative measure to get us to bend to their will, and get sucked into their environment of resentment and blame must be eradicated from our lives.

Some people are adamantly praying for things to fall apart in your marriage, and hide behind a twisted view of “best interest.” This distorted view of love, has kept many of us from moving forward and progressing in life.

It is distorted to believe that a broken home would be best for me and my children, when there is no issue of abuse. It is distorted to wish for my demise, because of the jealousy in your heart that opposes my success. It is distorted to wish for my financial destruction, so that you don’t feel inadequate about the decisions and choices you have made in life.

Sadly, there are many people who rejoice in the afflictions of those they claim to love, instead of celebrating their successes, wins, and victories which reflects a distorted view of love.  

Some people will never understand the importance of the covenant you made with God. Some people will never understand why you love, follow, and serve Christ. Some people will never understand and will never respect what you value. I have come to the realization in these moments, that my love for family can not change the hurts of the wounded and broken-but Jesus can. I’ve discovered that it is healthy to protect my peace.

There are some things that you can not put a price tag on. One of those vitally important things is “Peace.” Many people have a surplus of resources, possessions, connections, accolades, position, and maybe even a great physique; yet many people still lack peace.

I do not know about you but, I am protective of my peace and my time. There is nothing worst than discovering that your time has being wasted on superficial matters, and that you have wasted your time and energy being drained by life.

In order to live blame-less, we must protect our peace so that our hearts do not become polluted by toxic emotions of revenge, malice, resentment, bitterness, and lack of forgiveness.



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