He Found Me….

He found me…

In a place of anger

In a place of questioning

I doubted his very existence

I questioned him in resentment because of bad experiences

I doubted his love for me

I neglected to see the hand-print of his love in my life 

I rehearsed the hurts, minimizing how his grace had shielded me, from far worse atrocities

He found me…

It was his voice that spoke to the consciousness of my mind

It was his voice of hope, that caused me to believe that there was more to life and beyond

I prayed to him at a young age, not knowing that prayer was stirring the faith within

I prayed knowing he was present, knowing he understood the issues in my heart

Somehow talking to him made me feel better, and gave me a sense of hope, comfort, and assurance 

He found me in a place of curiosity and discovery 

He found me and began to fill the empty places in my heart 

He found me in a place of doubt and wonder

He found me yearning to live a life of meaning and service 

He found me out of breath longing for the oxygen that the world could not give me

He found me struggling between flesh and spirit

He found me and slowly wooed me into his presence

It was in his presence, I began to recognize that his mercy and goodness had always been present

I began to discover that, I was blinded by hurt, pain, and disappointment which caused me to reside in a place of disconnection and obscurity

Yet, grace found me and ushered me to an altar of freedom, and its in this place where I begun to understand my identity and purpose

He found me, and now I live to follow and know him

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