Bad Business: Where is the Service?

It is sad to see so many viable businesses fading into a sea of obscurity.

It seems as if the people element of business is slowly diminishing in the marketplace. Many organizations are just trying to keep up with the ever-moving advances in technology, consumer needs, and trends; that they’ve stopped focusing on the overall customer experience.

Just about a month ago, I went into a store and spent 3 hours going up and down the aisles trying to find something to wear for a speaking engagement. During the time, I was in this well-known sophisticated store, not one employee acknowledged my existence, or offered to help me. While piecing together my outfit, I saw a shirt on a manikin but there was no shirt rack beside the display.

So, I had to track a worker down, and ask them where the shirts were, and the employee gave me some vague directions which still rendered me clueless as to the location of the shirt. After trying to locate the shirt based upon the vague directions, I still could not locate the shirt. Once again, I had to track down another employee and that employee walked with my to find the shirt.

While shopping invigorates others, it exhausts me. By the time I left the store, I was completely exhausted. I was satisfied with my purchase, but dissatisfied with the overall experience.

Somehow we’ve lost the importance of service in the marketplace, and instead have become overly considered with trends, logistics, and tasks rather than actually assisting customers. Even though things are moving at a faster pace in the marketplace, people still want to be acknowledged and serviced. So many online companies are expanding, and putting brick and mortar stores out-of-business; because people are not getting the personal experience they desire.

“Many consumers would rather shop online rather than go into an actual store and be ignored.”

Is our society becoming desensitized to the point where we no longer know how to socially connect or communicate with one another?

As a consumer, I still go into the store to be assisted with my shopping experience, and if I feel ignored it will be hard for me to continue to spend my money at a location that neglects my presence. There are some restaurants that have neglected to even clean or upkeep their locations.

It seems as if we’ve lost a sense of hospitality or our sense of pride in ensuring that the location is clean and inviting to the patrons who will dine or shop at the location.

Have we become accustom to just keeping our head above water, so much so that we have foregone the importance of providing an excellent experience for every customer, consumer, or patron that comes through the doors of our organizations?

In my opinion, it is bad business, to invite anyone to your location and not make them feel welcomed, invited, and valued as a consumer who has chosen to dine or shop at your location.

Would you invite someone to your house and not prepare for their arrival?

Would you ignore them once you opened the door, instead of welcoming them with a greeting?

Would you leave your house is disarray or try to make them feel as comfortable as possible while in your presence?

Service should be focused on the overall experience.

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