Broken Levees

What happens when the thing you thought would keep you secure and safe fails?

Now you are being flooded by life! and,

The safety and security you had in a natural structure no longer has the ability to sustain you. 

At any moment you could be living the high-life because of the successful performance of the stock market, and in the next moment–it could all come crashing down!

What do you do when the strong marriage you thought you built fails?…

What do you do when recession hits and the savings you built becomes depleted?…

What do you do when the very thing that you thought would guarantee your security fails you?…

What if your belief that life has no eternal meaning proved to be a farce and everything you thought you could rely on came crushing down, where would you turn?

The levee has broken! The waters have flooded your life and everything you thought held value or meaning is submerged in water, what do you do?

Do you abandon the possibility of hope?

Do you withdraw from reality?

Do you reside in a place of anger?

Do you begin to accuse and insult God?

Do you thank God for what remains? 

Do you grieve and mourn for that which was lost?

What if, the broken levees were an indication that our hope in natural and superficial things had being misplaced all along.

What if, the broken levees in our life was not a punishment, but a loud re-awakening to point us back to the one who has eternity in his hands.

What if, broken levees were used to remind us that the things we have are perishable, and that life is like a vapor–here today and gone tomorrow.

Maybe the levees broke to cause us to realize that our protection and security can not be in man-made safety guards, but in the one who has power to give life and overcome death. 

Maybe we needed to see just how far away we had strayed from God, by relying on things that were void of eternal value. 

Maybe the broken levees is an indication of how God’s heart breaks when he sees us catering to only our pleasures and possessions, while rejecting and refusing to acknowledge his goodness in our lives; and the dominion we have when we walk with him and are led by his spirit. 

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