Seeking & Searching

After work on Tuesday, I stopped at the grocery store to pick-up a few items. I was almost done shopping, but got stuck and was at standstill, because I could not find the “Apple Butter.” I started looking on the top and middle shelves. I kept pacing backing and forth down the same aisle hoping that the “Apple Butter” would jump out at me and say “Here I Am.”

While searching I begin to entertain alternative options. There were even moments during the searching that I started to become restless and uneasy. I began to consider just settling for “Almond Butter.” I had never eaten Apple Butter, but it was what I really wanted. I had heard of it before, but had never tried it until Tuesday.

It occurred to me after locating the Apple Butter on the lowest shelf, that sometimes we  have to bend, and reach low for the thing that we are seeking. Sometimes what we are seeking, will not be in the place we are searching.

  • What if we have it all wrong, and the things we really seek are not what we envisioned, and in order to find what we are seeking ; we may have to bend low to rid ourselves of ego and pride.
  • What if we have to reach down in humility before we can possess the thing that we really are searching and seeking for.
  • What if where we have been searching all along, has just been a substitute we settled for because what we sought was not found in the place we initially looked.

The truth is, that oftentimes we start looking for alternatives and weighing our options, not realizing that we will never obtain the full benefit of what we are seeking within a substitute.

I discovered that the price for the Apple Butter cost less than the Almond Butter, and in comparing the health benefits, also discovered that the nutritional value was better. I do not know what you are seeking or searching for in your life.

I just want to encourage you, not to settle for substitutes. Don’t allow the options seduce you causing you to out on the benefits, that can only be obtained when you are willing to pursue the thing that has been implanted in your heart, that only God can fill.

  • Some people seek fame, for validation and acceptance.
  • Some people seek happiness by obtaining the approval of people.
  • Some people try to achieve notoriety by racking up a host of accolades.
  • Some people look for ways to escape, rather than address their pain.
  • Some people go to exotic places in search for the meaning of life.

Don’t settle for a substitute. It will cost you more to settle. It will cost less, when you choose not to settle.


I pray that God makes you restless and uneasy so that you seek him instead of settling for alternatives and substitutes. I pray that you will be unsettled to the point of surrender, so that he can infuse your mind, body, and soul with his goodness which is better than any superficial substitutes this world has to offer. 

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