Oftentimes, we live in a state of WHEN.

WHEN is a place where we base everything on a futuristic condition that is not yet present!

When we live in a state of WHEN we put off the very thing that can propel us into our purpose.

Sometimes we are so focused on WHEN that we cannot fully embrace where we currently are in our journey.

WHEN can robs us of our ability to see the opportunities right in front of us, causing us to neglect the very things we have ready access to NOW.

We say things like:

  • WHEN I get the job then everything will be better
  • WHEN I find the man or woman of my dreams then I’ll be complete
  • WHEN everything in my life is perfect then I can have joy
  • WHEN my husband or wife changes then I’ll be happy
  • WHEN I get the degree then they will recognize my abilities

Don’t allow WHEN to rob you of recognizing the goodness in your life Now!

Enjoy the journey right where you are, even if it not where you want to be.

Don’t allow your days to be wasted, and your life to be placed on hold because of a refusal to embrace the goodness, joy, and contentment right where you are. 

Choose to live your life fully today, even while awaiting the fulfillment of promises in your life.

Make a decision to enjoy your life, even if the situation has not changed.

Make a decision to live in a space of gratitude and thanksgiving even during the in-between times and seasons that come into your life.

If you will decide to rejoice NOW, if you decide to enjoy your life even with turmoil, even with opposition, even in the middle of a storm, or even in the middle of change…you will come to a place of true contentment.

You will begin to live with more awareness, and more appreciation, and fully embrace the goodness of good all-around you and WHEN the promise comes you it will not be just another experience or feeling, but a manifestation of what God was doing within and through you all along.



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