The Great Exchange

The Great Exchange

I was in a foster home, when God captured my heart.

I remember going to the altar, and travailing in the spirit as the church mothers cheered me on as I called on the name of Jesus.

It was the most life-changing experience, and I thought that my life would change in an instant.

I thought all the anger and pain would just dissipate, and while I had an experience I did not immediately recognize it was just the beginning of my Journey of Faith.

I think this microwave, have your way, fast, and instant mentality has crept in and remained rampant in the church.

It’s the ideal that once we give our hearts to Christ, everything will instantly disappear and we will live in a euphoric paradise here on earth.

Yet, it becomes clear once we embrace light that we our foreigners on a pilgrimage through earths decaying land.

Once reality sets in there is devastation and disappointment, because there was no instant gratification; but there was an exchange that took place.

The exchange reflects the changes that have taken place and the transition of being on the outskirts, has now shifted to us being able to access heavens throne.

We are no longer foes of Christ, but now he calls us his friends.

There has been an exchange of the filthy rages that once caused our hope to be hidden in disgrace, but has now after our confession of salvation has been washed away. Now we are covered in grace.

Our eternal damnation was imminent, but now there is a place prepared and reserved for us with streets paved with gold, where the only cry we hear is of worship and praise.

Our mind is continuously renewed as we digest the word, allowing it to cleanse us from the inside out washing us anew and empowering us to walk as imitators of Christ.

Surrounded by the darkness of evil, crime, injustice, and the enticement of sin; it becomes imperative to guard our hearts from enemies of lust, degradation, pride, ego, self-righteousness, idolatry and such things that serve to tamper with our soul and cause us to recant our faith.

Ours is a life characterized by surrender.

Ours is a life of sacrifice through giving of ourselves.

Ours is a life of separation from sinful pleasures in pursuit of his presence.

It may not be the easiest exchange, but it’s worth it just to be a part of the work, to be connected with the work of Christ which transforms life, a work which sets those oppressed go free, mends broken hearts, and heals the afflicted restoring life.

It’s worth the exchange.

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