Trap of Denial

There are many times in my life, that I felt trapped, stagnant, and stuck. Each time I felt this way whether in my personal life or career I came face to face with a refusal to accept where I was, and address the things causing me frustration and hindering my growth.

When I was stuck spiritually it was the lack of forgiveness, I exercised towards my parents. It was not until I could honestly admit that resentment was present, that I could begin to work through it and get to the other side.

Years ago when I dealt with depression, it was denial that kept the source of my sadness hidden. The sadness remained, until I acknowledged the toxic emotions and underlying source of sadness that preputated feelings of worthlessness, that I begin to to rebuild my life again.

Let’s not live in a place of “Denial.”

“Denial is designed to keep you locked in place where you can not progress or break free, of the things that are holding you back, and prevent you from becoming all you were created to be.”

Choose to live free, by facing the painful truth in pursuit of growth and progress.



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