How to deal with Overwhelm?

There are times in life when we all become overwhelmed with the tasks that we must complete and all the responsibilities of life. Sometimes the responsibilities get heavy. Sometimes balancing all of the roles and hats we must wear, can become overwhelming.

  • What do we do when the pressures of life, seems to be weighing us down?
  • What do we do when the wallsseem like they are closing in on us?

 Elijah encountered the same dilemma of being overwhelmed. After Elijah had a showdown with the false prophets at Mount Carmel, and God showed them that he was Lord by consuming a wet offering and sacrifice with fire many that were false were converted.

Yet shortly after this display of power, we find Elijah running because Jezebel has threatened his life. Elijah was overwhelmed by the weight of his assignment and opposition from his enemies. Elijah feels alone and prays for God to allow him to die. Just like Elijah when we feel overwhelmed we begin to ask God to remove the burden, to remove the responsibility, we try to prematurely end the assignment. The tendency is to run and hide when we are overwhelmed, in business, life, and in relationships.

Everyone gets to this place of overwhelm, but it important that we do not remain in a constant state of overwhelm. It is important that we recognize the state of overwhelm when it shows up in our life, and we do not make irrational decisions in these moments, but we stop and do what it required to properly maneuver our emotions and getback into alignment with God.

Here are some things that Elijah did, that we can incorporate into our lives when we find ourselves in a state of overwhelm:

Scriptural Reference

1 Kings 19:6-8

So he looked around, and there near his head was a muffin sitting on top of some heated stones, along with a jar of water. Elijah ate and drank and then lay down againLater, the angel of the Lord came a second time, grabbed him, andsaid “Get up! Eat! The journey ahead[b] is too difficult for you!” So Elijah[c] got up, ate and drank, and survived on that one meal for 40 days and nights as he set out on his journey to Horeb, God’s mountain.

1 Kings 19:9-12

Elijah[d] arrived at a cave and stayed there. All of a sudden this message came from the Lord: “What are you doing here, Elijah?”

10 “I’ve been very zealous for the Lord God of the Heavenly Armies,” he replied. “The Israelis have abandoned your covenant, demolished your altars, executed your prophets with swords, and I—that’s right, just me!—am the only one left. Now they’re seeking my life, to get rid of me!”

11 “Go out,” he responded, “and stand on the mountain in the presence of the Lord.” And there was the Lord, passing by! A tremendous, mighty wind storm was tearing at the mountains and breaking the rocks in pieces in the presence of the Lord, butthe Lord was not in the windstorm. After the wind there came an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. 12 After the earthquake there came fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after thefire, there was the sound of a gentle whisper. 

  1. Get Rest

Resting allows us to recharge and refocus. The assignment, vision, or mission that Godhas given us can be weighty at times. It’s during these times that we need torest and lean into his strength. When we neglect to rest in between the battles, completion of assignments, and tasks that God has given us, running out is inevitable.

  • Get Replenished

When we get replenished with the right food that nourishes not only our body but our soul, we obtain added energy to continue our journey.

  • Get to a Place, where you can hear the voice of God.

We have to revisit the place, where God is present. The place for you may be your prayer closet, the altar, the church, beside your bed, or just spending prioritized time reading and meditating on the bible.

Elijah went to the Mount of Horeb the mountain of the Lord. He went to a place to be close to God. It is so important to get to a place where you can hear the still small voiceof God.

When we get to a place to hear God’s voice, we gain direction, insight, and specific instructions.

When we get to a place to hear God, a quiet place without all of the noise or distractions, we learn that we are not alone. We discover that God has already prepared a way for us, and that he has being working behind the scenes all along preparing the right people to come and assist us with the assignment he has given us.  

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