Chasing Joy

Chasing Joy

As the year comes to a close, let’s not only evaluate our progress, or just think about the goals for the upcoming year but consider the true source and strength of our joy.

“Many times in life we chase after the superficial, in pursuit of  significance.”

It is essential in this season that we begin to tear down the superficial images in our mind of what we want, and begin to really access the true essence of our joy and where it comes from.

Joy is not just a fleeting feeling, it is inner strength which comes from knowing that God is the source of our contentment. Christ Jesus has endowed us with abilities and talents, to contribute to the building of his kingdom and betterment of the world.

We have gotten so entangled in the cares of the world, that we lost sight of the true source of our joy. When everything else is stripped away, what remains, will be the hope and the assurance that we have in Christ!

The source of our joy and happiness does not come from things, people, positions, and designations that come after our name; it comes from truly knowing that we were created to create, contribute, and to be salt and light in the world. We add flavor to the world, by sharing what God has given us with the world. We reflect light, by sharing the hope with have with others.

  • When we opened the business it was to provide a product and service to help or enhance the world.
  • When we got married it was so that our marriage can be a reflection of God’s love and redemption.
  • When we birthed children it was to build a heritage unto the lord.
  • When we accepted the call, mandate, and assignment of ministry we did it to transform lives, to use the good news to bring people out of darkness, and further God’s Kingdom.

Everything we do needs to lead back to Christ, because he is the true source and essence of our joy.

“It is not about the gifts we can get; it is about the gifts we can give.”

It is so easy to get caught up in the hassle and bustle of life and loss sight of what our soul and spirit really needs, and desires which is true joy; that sustains and supersedes the superficial and temporary satisfaction we get from the things we desire.

God gives us the desires of our heart, so that we can understand his sovereignty and goodness; not so we can hoard but we can be a testament of his goodness, conduit of his love, and a reservoir of life for others to draw from.

The truth is that we can only be light, when we tap into the source of our joy. The joy of the lord provides hope in hopeless situations. The joy we have in Christ, gives us the courage to stand in the power of our story, knowing that by sharing our scars, our victories, and despair; that someone else’s life will be changed.

This joy allows us to have peace in the face of the storms of life. This joy keeps us anchored when fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety come knocking on our door to cause us to abort the mission that has being birthed in our heart. This joy provides assurance in an eternal hope, which cannot be tarnished by corruption of government or the increase of injustice that seeks to pollute our communities, and divide our homes and families.

Let’s rejoice in knowing the Jesus Christ is the source and strength of our joy! As we close out another year, let’s reflect on the source of our joy, and how he enriches our lives with blessings and strength through the different whirlwinds of life.

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