The Rugged Road

This morning as I was traveling to work, the terrain was rough, filled with bumps,¬† potholes, and tattered pavement. The ride was void of ease or pleasure. I began to think about the different seasons that we encounter in life, and it dawned on me that, rough roads often lead to smooth destinations. If we stop during the rough spots our travel with be halted or delayed. If we fail to slow-down long enough to notice the condition of the road we won’t be able to brace, and we won’t be able to avoid causing damage to our lives. The rugged road reminds us to slow down and pay attention. Sometimes we rush through life.

So often, we rush from one destination to another, in pursuit of our aspirations. We function with a sense of anxiousness going from one place to the next in a hurry. In the rush things become distorted, because clarity becomes present only in stillness. It’s during these moments that God reminds us to slow down and take in the journey.

Maybe God is saying during the rough moments of life, I want to show you my goodness and speak reassurance to your heart.

Maybe God reminds us in those moments of opposition, adversity, tough moments, and hard seasons; that we are not riding out the storms of life alone.

Maybe he wants us to know, that he has been with us all along.

Maybe he wants us to allow him to guide us, so we can maneuver the rough spots.

Maybe he reminds us that are tears are preparation for the over-abundance of joy that is being birthed in our hearts.

Maybe God is calling us into his presence, to be refreshed similar to experiencing a nice cool shower on a hot smoldering day.

May God wants to remind us that what we need, can only be found in his presence.

The road may be rugged but my peace is steady, peace is my reassurance that I am safe in the strength of his arms.

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