Make Room

Sometimes our life is too cluttered to recognize God’s handprint. Our vision is so clouded by life’s circumstances, that often our affairs become a distraction, and a barrier to us recognizing God’s hand orcherstrating everything in our lives. Sometimes we neglect to see his grace in the dark place, or in blurry moments when we do not know how things will come together our work out in our lives.

Just as the gray cloud seems to hide the sun, and leave us feeling empty in despair yet hope pierces through the cloud leaving a glimpse of light. The light reminds us that gray skies are only momentary and that tears do not leave permanent stains, and just as pain comes, love inflitrates our hearts causing joy to overflow.

Pride seeks to get us to harden, instead of humble our hearts.

The heart is the battleground between the mind and soul. The thing we fear the most, requires the most courage and bravery of faith. We’ve allowed things to take up residence, in our heart and rob us of his presence.

We’ve allowed fleshly pleasure to, cloud our minds, and draw us far from his voice. We want peace, we want love, we want blessings, yet we are void of his presence. When we come to our end, and are tired of the restlessness that can only be filled by his presence, we will cry out with perched lips for only what living water can provide, and begin to make room for the King of Glory to sit on the throne of hearts.

Repentence brings us to a place of humility, not to shame us but to raise us above human abilities and sensual guidance, into a place of surrenderance to be lead and guided by his spirit instead of the arm of the flesh.

Make room! At last and allow the King to dine, and take up residence in the secret places of your heart. Make room! So you can possess kingdom power and authority to disrupte the dark forces, and champion the light of his glory.

Listen to this song:

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