Make Room

Sometimes our life is too cluttered to recognize God’s handprint. Our vision is so clouded by life’s circumstances, that often our affairs become a distraction, and a barrier to us recognizing God’s hand orcherstrating everything in our lives. Sometimes we neglect to see his grace in the dark place, or in blurry moments when we … More Make Room

Chasing Joy

Chasing Joy As the year comes to a close, let’s not only evaluate our progress, or just think about the goals for the upcoming year but consider the true source and strength of our joy. “Many times in life we chase after the superficial, in pursuit of  significance.” It is essential in this season that … More Chasing Joy

Free Webinar…

You are personally invited to attend a Free Webinar! If you are ready to stop existing and starting living.. If you are ready to experience more happiness, fulfilment, and contentment in your life… If you are ready to starting FLOURISHING in your life… If you are ready to get your joy back.. Please join me … More Free Webinar…

Fatherless Daughter

Recently, I have had to confront my reluctance to invite counsel in my life from spiritual fathers that God has placed in my life to watch over me, to speak into my life, and to provide wisdom; correction, and direction. I must admit sometimes I do not know allow wisdom to speak to me. There are … More Fatherless Daughter