Broken Levees

What if, the broken levees were an indication that our hope in natural and superficial things had being misplaced all along.

What if, the broken levees in our life was not a punishment, but a loud re-awakening to point us back to the one who has eternity in his hands.

What if, broken levees were used to remind us that the things we have are perishable, and that life is like a vapor—here today and gone tomorrow. … More Broken Levees

He Found Me….

He found me… In a place of anger In a place of questioning I doubted his very existence I questioned him in resentment because of bad experiences I doubted his love for me I neglected to see the hand-print of his love in my life  I rehearsed the hurts, minimizing how his grace had shielded … More He Found Me….

Nothing Is Wasted

I’ve felt cheated at times by life, and wanted to feel sorry for myself I have even mourned over some of that me that I lost–growing up too fast–I mourned the girl I never knew or never will be. See I’ve always kinda went through life at the beat of my own drum, not quite … More Nothing Is Wasted

Book Preview:”The Lies She Believed”

When the noise of life became loud, heaven’s voice–Seeped through the cracks

In quiet stillness.

She longed for a deeper connection beyond religion.

She sat quietly, with deep thoughts invading her mind.

She moved her mouth but could not formulate the words.

She hid herself in the pages of books.

She sought refuge from the terror of her reality.

She escaped in silence, in fear of being seen. … More Book Preview:”The Lies She Believed”